8 Chikankari Buys For Diwali 2021 festive celebration.

Best Chikankari fashion buys For this Diwali 2021 festive celebration.

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights. The triumph of good purity over impurity,  good over evil, and light over darkness is celebrated. It is one of Hinduism’s most important holidays. Diwali commemorates Lord Rama’s homecoming from a fourteen-year exile as the seventh incarnation of Vishnu. This Light Festivals takes place in the Hindu calendar month of Kartik on the darkest night (the first night of the new moon). Spectacular light displays and colorful garlands adorn the streets and temples of India. People light Diyas, little oil lights, in their dwellings. During this time, it is also thought that departed relatives return to visit their family on Earth. The festivity is the warmth most festival of India and other countries as well .

Celebrate  this Diwali 2021 with Genuine Chikankari clothing  from ethnava right here. Chikankari is well-known all across the world due to its natural expression . The traditional chikan handicraft comes from Lucknow and loosely translates to “embroidery.” Chikankari may look easy on the surface, but it is a time-consuming cutting, sewing, and finishing, purely done by hand. Despite the fact that the craft extends back hundreds of years, it remains popular in the modern celebrations . Bollywood actresses wore Chikan sarees and salwar kameez ensembles with regal flair, from Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt. This is due to the appeal of traditional art, which shows no signs of slowing down.

Chikankari has long been associated with elegance and sophistication. It is an easy option for both men and women, as the Nawabs of Lucknow inspire it. It has a comfy casual with a regality vibe because of its beautiful handwork on breathable georgette fabric. It may be worn with a casual day outfit as well as a formal evening gathering.

Chikankari’s central motif is chikan embroidery with embellishments inspired by master artisans, Karigars, and the ladies who wear it. You may go for pastel chikankari embellishments and a solid chunk of color with your jewelry to boost the decoration form for the Diwali party. Pair grey with pink if you’re feeling brave diwali 2021 extravaganza. Emeralds in butter yellow go well with jewelry. Look for the appropriate chikankari pieces to wear this Diwali. The lookout for the right chikankari clothing to wear this Diwali  festivity . 

1. Chikan Kurti – The Ethnava Chikan Kurti is made of various fabrics and has long sleeves, side slits, and beautiful handcrafted chikan embroidery in different brilliant colors. It  will blend  right with Diwali 2021 festive lights.

2. Lucknowi Chikan Saree -The Ethnava Lucknow Chikan Saree is a scenic saree with contrasting or matching embroidery and an attached blouse. You look stunning in this saree with all your festive gleam of Diwali 2021 .

3. Salwar – Salwar Suit comes in various tones and materials, with the requisite embroidery on the front. It perfectly matches your decorations.

4. Palazzos -Ethnava Palazzos are wide-legged palazzo trousers with a cropped length and chikankari work over their distances. You can have a good feel of sparkling and crackling with this Diwali. 

5. Dupatta: With chikankari clothes, the Ethnava Dupatta would complete the outfit. It feels breezy excellent at outdoor gatherings and celebrations 

6. Chikankari Suit: Chikankari suits are significant fashion clothing regarding chikan work for the holidays. “Ideally, it is worn in a lightweight fabric with classy embroidery.

7. Chikankari Kurta: Wear a handstitched chikankari kurta with dhoti-style trousers for a fantastic puja appearance. All heads would turn if you wore a basic raw silk kurta paired with a thick chikankari dupatta. 

8. Chikankari Bottoms: Last but not least, guys can wear chikankari with a sophisticated bottom in a hand-embroidered kurta.”That’s brings fulfillment.


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