Ethnava Blue Rayon Straight Lucknowi Chikan Kurti-2413

  • Using cotton thread, this pretty Lucknowi Chikan Kurti is adorned with floral motifs and patterns. These chikan, Kurtis feature stitches called ‘Ghaspatti’ and ‘Bakihya.’ Its embroidered boota motif distinguishes this Chikan Kurti. In addition, palazzos embellished with embroidery complete the ensemble. This chikankari Lucknow kurta looks excellent paired with oxidized jewelry and traditional dupattas.
  • SKU of Lucknowi Kurta: 2413
  • Color of Chikankari Kurta: Blue
  • Length of Chikan Kurti: 44 inch
  • Sleeves: Three quarter sleeves, ¾ sleeves, bell sleeves
  • Fabric :Rayon
  • Thread: Cotton thread
  • Embroidery: Ghaspatti & Phanda
  • Neck: Round Neck
  • Silhouette: Chikankari kurta provides a comfortable and relaxed silhouette. It has a straight fit.
  • Touch & Feel: Soft and comfortable chikankari kurta
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Lucknowi chikan



Ethnava Blue Rayon Straight Lucknowi Chikan Kurti-2413

Ethnava is an ethnic web retailer for the latest trends in ethnic chikankari wear. The Old Lucknow have carefully preserved chikankari arts for generations. An artisan uses precision and perfection to create a unique design. This blue kurta is made from rayon fabric, embroidered with cotton thread. We combined traditional crafts with feminine aesthetics to create this Chikankari Kurti. We offer elegant and comfortable straight Kurtis suitable for every occasion. 

With warm, humid weather, retaining a relaxed imposition can be challenging. Wearing an ethnic dress made of layers of fabric may feel you lethargic. What would you do if ethnic clothing was distressing? When chikan rayon Kurtis are available, you need not worry anymore. For an ethnic look that stands out, put on a collection of these Kurtis. Fabrics made from rayon have an array of exciting properties besides their excellent performance in hot weather. Because these materials are not insulating, they keep you cool. You can purchase rayon Kurtis available on Ethnava. Purchasing rayon clothing online gives you access to a wide variety of ethnic styles as well. A cotton thread weaves itself throughout the dress, as well as floral patterns. “Ghaspatti” and “Bakhya” stitches are featured at the neckline.

 Highfalutin ladies of the court in Lucknow Nawabs made to create this finest clothing available. Artisans created their clothes using their nimble fingers. Every new design required a new stitching method. Ghaspatti is a stitching pattern created by stitching grass blades together. This stitch also resembles a hairstyle because it was parted down the middle. It is thus called Maangdaar Ghas Patti. The bakhiya stitch is one of the most popular stitches in Chikan embroidery. Chikan garments commonly use this stitch. Kurtis and sarees often feature bakhiya stitching in India.  

Aren’t you curious about the sophistication of chikan Kurtis? What would you say about your style if you were asked? Kurtis like these can help you accomplish that goal. Kurtis are great for work and school; they also make great choices for parties. This chikankari Kurti may be unlike any other that you have seen. Whether you’re going to college or working, you can wear this Kurti. Bright colors and fabrics characterize summer. Summer is the perfect season to wear this kind of Kurti. Their motifs accentuate Chikans and Kurtis. Through the use of these motifs, our artisans show their imaginative creativity.

Add on to Lucknowi Kurta:  For a head turning look, combine this elegant and graceful Straight Lucknowi Chikan Kurti with matching embroidered palazzos. Complete the look of this lucknowi kurta with traditional dupattas and oxidized jewelry.

Chikankari Trivia: The craft of chikan work or chikankari, more commonly called lucknowi chikan, is hundreds of years old and has been passed down from generations to generations by expert craftsmen. This age old art incorporates about 32 different stitching techniques that are often combined with pearls, mirrors and mukaish. Chikankari kurta and sarees have been a part of this traditional art form for generations.

Chikan Kurti Also Known : Kurta, Kurti, Noori, Top, Tunic, Boho, Dress

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Disclaimer:  Our products are hand embroidered by expert artisans and may have slight dissimilarities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. These minor variations of Stitches/Motifs add to its charm and ensure you have a unique product.

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Straight Lucknowi Chikan Kurti