Ethnava Hand Embroidered Pista Green Chikankari Cotton Kurti-2380

  • An exquisite Chikankari Kurti designed with chikan stitches-Bakhiya, Keel, and Phanda stitching with white cotton thread speaks of the masterful artistry of the fine work. Soft and fresh colors are combined with a comfortable cotton fabric for a refreshing look. Furthermore, it is enhanced by its exquisite Pista green color.
  • SKU of Lucknowi Kurti: 2380
  • Color of Chikankari Kurti: Pista Green
  • Length of Chikan Kurti: 46 inch
  • Sleeves: Three quarter sleeves, ¾ sleeves
  • Silhouette: Chikankari kurti provides a comfortable and relaxed silhouette.
  • Touch & Feel: Soft and comfortable chikankari kurti
  • Fabric : Cotton
  • Thread: Cotton thread
  • Embroidery: Bakhiya, Keel & Phanda



Ethnava Hand Embroidered Pista Green Chikankari Cotton Kurti-2380

  • The Chikankari patterns depict traditional Awadhi designs, which are also found in the Henna applied to the delicate palms of the fair maidens and the stone carvings on walls of the ‘Rushandan’ in Awadh. Flowers, creepers, ferns, boots, and the Kairi motif, among others, appear in the art and architecture of Awadh. Ethnava fuses the craft of traditionalism with modernity and fashion. Despite staying true to Chikankari’s roots, our product is still cut, styled, and manufactured using the latest modern fashion trends.
  • This unique Chikankari Kurti is an exquisite piece of art crafted with white cotton thread by master embroidery artists using Ulti Bakhiya, Keel, and Phanda stitches. The color palette is soft and fresh, while the soft cotton fabric further adds to the comfort of this elegant Pista green chikan kurta. The shadow stitch is very common. Since the stitch is made on the opposite side of the fabric, it resembles the herringbone stitch since the filling is done on the wrong side as well as the border on the right side.
  • A beautiful piece of nose pin has given its name to the ‘keel’ in chikan embroidery. Phandasticth embroidery is made by picking up a very tiny stitch and embroidering it onto the fabric. There are very tiny spikes embroidered around this pearl-like dot that is shaped like a gold nose pin, and it has spiked with a V shape on the top of them. Millets are the knots named Phanda, which are shaped like knots. Phanda is believed to be a more intricate version of stitches. However, the knots are much smaller and far more delicate. They are mostly utilized in making the center of the flowers in simple Chikankari design motifs. It is a knot type of millet-shaped stitch.
  • Their physiological suitability and acclimatization characterize Cotton Kurtis. We search desperately for ways to keep cool during the summer when the heat is unbearable. During the summer, it’s hard to decide whether to wear something fashionable or something comfortable to keep cool. Does fashion compromise comfort, however? How can you have it all? Women have difficulty deciding what to wear when the sun is blazing. It is most comfortable to wear Chikankurtas and Chikankurtis made from cotton. If you have a problem with the fabric, don’t let it worsen it. Fabrics often stick to the body because they cannot absorb sweat. Even the cutest, most fashionable dress makes you feel uncomfortable. It is important to choose fabrics carefully during the summer.
  • Cotton is the best fabric to wear during the summer, unquestionably the best fabric to wear during the summer. Cotton Chikan Kurtis and Cotton Chikan Kurtas for Kurti Fashion are often most popular during the summer months. As a result, you stop sweating. Despite not resisting sweat, cotton remains damp only briefly after being wet. Cotton Chikan Kurtis keeps you cool in the summer because they are an insulator. Cotton clothes feel comfortable on you when you exercise or do vigorous exercise. The soft and stretchy nature of cotton makes it an excellent fabric for dresses. Because cotton does not stick to your skin, it will not cause rashes or skin allergies.

Add on to Lucknow Kurti

For a head-turning look, combine this elegant and graceful chikan Kurti with matching embroidered palazzos. Complete the look of this lucknowi kurta with traditional dupattas and oxidized jewelry.

Chikankari Trivia

The Chikankari patterns follow the typical Awadhi design that can also be found in Henna applied on the delicate palms of the fair maidens of Awadh, and on the ‘raushandan’ built out of stone-carvings on walls. Flowers, creepers, ferns, ‘Boota’, and ‘Kairi’, among other motifs, which are close to the art and architecture of Awadh. Chikankari is an ancient form of white floral embroidery, intricately worked with needle and raw thread on a variety of fabrics like cotton, muslin, silk, organza etc. The word ‘Chikan’ has been derived from Persian language which was the court language of India introduced by the Mughals.

Chikan Kurta Also Known : Kurta, Kurti, Noori, Top, Tunic, Boho, Dress

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Disclaimer: Our products are hand embroidered by expert artisans and may have slight dissimilarities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. These minor variations of Stitches/Motifs add to its charm and ensure you have a unique product.


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