Ethnava Hand Work Babypink Lucknowi Chikankari Cotton Kurta-2350

  • Baby Pink Lucknowi Chikankari Cotton Kurta is a  beautiful printed cotton Chikankari Kurti . The chikan stitches used are “Ghaspatti” and “Bakhiya”.They create a detailed floral pattern and motifs on the neckline with delicate white cotton threads, enhancing the grace of the Kurta. The handmade nature of Chikan Kari makes it unique with the excellent craftsmanship of our skilled artisans who create the motifs to go along with Chikan Kurti.
  • SKU of Lucknowi Kurti: 2350
  • Style: Straight
  • Color of Chikankari Kurti: Baby Pink
  • Length of Chikan Kurti: 46 inch
  • Sleeves: Three quarter sleeves, ¾ sleeves
  • Silhouette: Chikankari Kurti provides a comfortable and relaxed silhouette.
  • Touch & Feel: Soft and comfortable Chikankari Kurti
  • Fabric : Cotton
  • Thread: Cotton thread
  • Embroidery: Bakhiya ,Ghaspatti


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Gorgeous Ethnava Hand Worked Baby Pink Lucknowi Chikankari Cotton Kurta

This Baby Pink Lucknowi Chikankari Cotton Kurta Kurti nicely combines style, fashion, and comfort and is suitable for women of all ages. It is an excellent option for college girls, working women, homemakers, and daily wear or casual occasions. You can select various fabrics, patterns, and designs based on your body type, skin tone, and climate. Beat the heat this summer with a cotton Kurti, which gives a light and relaxed feeling on hot sunny days. Moreover, sensitive skin is not as harshly affected, and any allergic reaction will be reduced.

Best of all, floral prints don’t need many accessories. Simple bracelets or wrist wraps, necklaces, and a thin belt are enough to create a luscious look. Let’s combine the comforts of cotton and the grace of floral print for a fresh, summery look, and surely nothing can beat these beautifully printed cotton floral Kurtis to update your wardrobe this summer.

 On this pink printed cotton Kurti, the Chikankari embroidery comprises two Chikankari stitches: Bakhiya and Ghaspatti. This cotton Kurti is not only beautifully embroidered but also very useful. Bagh represents the monument’s side gardens in lucknow. Several neighborhoods in Lucknow bear the names of these renowned gardens. In This Chikankari art, Ghaspatti reflected these tendencies. The embroidery pattern has been created using small leaves and twigs. V-shaped lines are stitched across the right side of the fabric to create grass leaves. Flowers often have leaves or petals arranged parallel to one another when they are placed in patterns. Cotton prints are popular due to their softness and breathability, as well as their variety of designs. Furthermore, machine washing is possible. 

We have a wide variety of printed compositions ideal for everyday use and come in many colors and sizes. There has been a greater demand for woven cotton fabrics during summer. Cotton that is not fully processed cotton, along with printed patterns good for an elevated look. 

Regardless of its sophistication, ethnicity, or glamour, cotton has never been an inferior material. The price of cotton fabric varies greatly, from the cheapest to the most expensive. The advantages of cotton products include durability, softness, breathable qualities, versatility, and naturalness. Printed Kurtis are made from cotton with varying textures.  Cotton-printed fabrics are available online in many designs, from floral to bandhani to foil prints, to refresh your summer collection.

Chikankari is a technique of creating intricate patterns using fine fabrics and delicate threads. Art forms evolve, and Chikankari is no exception. Contemporary elements are used in the building’s modern design. Many other art forms have fallen away from their roots, unlike this one. Ethnava complements fashion and heritage with design and style.

As an artisan, you specialize in chikankari, an embroidery style that encompasses various types and expressions. Nur Jehan, Jahangir’s wife, initially presented him with the idea. The Awadh plains were dotted with these crafts, supported by Emperor Akbar. For centuries, skilled artisans have been practicing chikankari in Awadh.

An example of Awadhi culture is the Chikan Kurti, designed to make you look like a Queen. You can wear your Chikan Kurti to a party, your workplace, or even college if you accessorize it.

When it comes to style and appeal, Chikankari Kurtis won’t let you down. Wear this Kurti to work or to college as it is both beautiful and versatile. The colors and fabrics would be perfect for an indoor brunch on a winter morning or an outdoor dinner on a summer evening.

Add on to Lucknowi Kurta

  • The craft of Chikankari stands out in itself, and does not need excessive accessorizing. The embroidery around the neck shall suffice, and one can choose to let go heavy necklaces.
  • These Chikan Kurtis work best with oversized oxidized earrings, or pearl studs to complement the white pearl-like stitches.
  • A small matching bracelet or watch would complete the look very well. Sunglasses also look formidable with the all over casual but royal vibe of the piece.

Chikankari Trivia

  • Into the northern heartlands of India, the heritage of craftsmanship has been passed down for centuries, generation after generation. Among the exquisite flavors of Mughlai and Awadhi food, the intricate carvings and the architectural wonders, the erstwhile Awadh also cradles the origins of Chikankari with pride. A culture already rich in various art forms, the artisans of Awadh are learned in the craft of Chikankari embroidery, and carry it forward to this day.
  • It was introduced by Nur Jehan, the wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The emperor then sponsored the craft and it spread throughout the plains of Awadh. The old artisan families of Awadh come from a line of skilled Chikankari artists, and they still practice the trade.

Chikan Kurti Also Known : Kurta, Kurti, Noori, Top, Tunic, Boho, Dress

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Disclaimer:  Our products are hand embroidered by expert artisans and may have slight dissimilarities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. These minor variations of Stitches/Motifs add to its charm and ensure you have a unique product.


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