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Ethnava Hand Work Blue Lucknowi Chikankari Cotton Kurta-2350

  • The neckline of this Blue Lucknowi Chikankari Cotton Kurta is adorned with floral patterns and motifs. Keel or Ghaaspatti stitch are common names for this stitching. White cotton threads are used to stitch this exquisite Kurti. Adding to its uniqueness is the handcrafted nature of the Kurti. An artisan carved the motifs on the Chikan Kurti by hand.
  • SKU of Lucknowi Kurti: 2350
  • Style: Straight
  • Color of Chikankari Kurti: Blue 
  • Length of Chikan Kurti: 46 inch
  • Sleeves: Three-quarter sleeves, ¾ sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Thread: Cotton thread
  • Embroidery: Keel & Ghaaspatti 
  • Silhouette: Chikankari Kurti provides a comfortable and relaxed silhouette.
  • Touch & Feel: Soft and comfortable Chikankari Kurti

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 Ethnava Hand Work Blue Lucknowi Chikankari cotton Kurta-2350

This Blue Lucknowi Chikankari cotton Kurta is a stylish and comfortable garment that women can wear at any age. This dress is versatile enough to fit the needs of every type of woman, whether they are students, professionals, or homemakers. Depending on your body type, skin tone, climate, and fabric preferences, you can choose fabrics, patterns, and designs that match. A cotton Kurti is comfortable and relaxed, which is perfect for hot, humid summer days. Furthermore, skin that is sensitive to irritation will be less negatively affected. Floral prints do not require much jewelry. You only need a bracelet, bracelet wrap, necklace, and thin belt to create a luscious look. You’ll add some freshness to your summer wardrobe with these comfortably soft cotton floral Kurtis.

Blue Cotton Chikan Kurti adorned with Phanda and Ghaspatti, two stitches specific to Chikankari. This cotton cloth is exquisitely embroidered and offers much more than just decoration. It represents the love of Awadhi gardens (‘Bagh’). Even today, some localities in Lucknow are named after gardens that were once famous. This tendency is reflected in the Chikankari art form by Ghaspatti. Traditionally, small leaves and twigs are embroidered on a piece of fabric to create a pattern. On the right side of the fabric, V-shaped lines of stitches are worked in a graduated series to create grass leaves. Within parallel rows of petals or leaves, it is occasionally done to make a motif.

The wide range of cotton prints offers soft, breathable, and a wide variety of designs. Machine washing is also an option. Additionally, there are prints with blended compositions that are suitable for everyday use. As it is one of the most popular fabrics of all time, especially during summer, this is a woven textile made from unbleached, not fully processed cotton; a printed pattern adds a touch of elegance and glamour to the fabric. 

Cotton has always been the best material, whether ancient or modern, ethnic or glamorous. Cotton fabric is available in a wide range of prices, from the cheapest to the most expensive. The fabric made from cotton is soft, breathable, durable, versatile, yet still natural, so it can be used at any price point. An array of textures are available in the printed cotton Kurti.  The range is just enough to refresh your summer collection with printed cotton fabrics online, from floral to block prints, bandhani to foil prints.

Chikankari is a crafted art with delicate threads and delicate designs on soft fabrics. Throughout the years, all forms of art have evolved, including Chikankari. In its styling, it now exhibits modernist elements. Chikankari, however, has not strayed from its traditions like many other art forms. Our products’ cut, style, and make are always in step with the ever-evolving modernity of fashion at Ethnava, which is unwavering loyalty to the craft’s traditionalism.

Artisans of Awadh, a culture rich in diverse art forms, are experts in Chikankari embroidery and continue to practice it today. Originally, Nur Jehan, wife of Jahangir, introduced it. As a result, the craft spread throughout Awadh’s plains, thanks to the support of the Emperor. Awadh has long been home to skilled Chikankari artists, and old artisan families still practice the trade.

This Chikan Kurta will bring out the royalty in you if you’re looking for an elegant way to show off the rich culture of Awadh. The versatile Chikan Kurti can be worn to your workplace, college, or any party with the right accessories.

The style and appeal of this chikankari Kurta will not disappoint you. This stunning Kurti is perfect for wearing to the office or to college. This style’s colors and fabrics would be perfect for a warm winter morning brunch or a summer evening dinner.

You can wear this Kurti as routine summer wear as well. This bodes well for Chikan Kari because each piece can never be duplicated since each is handcrafted. It demonstrates the creativity and imagination of our skilled artisans who carved these motifs into this Chikan Kurti.



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