Ethnava Red Chikankari Long Straight Cotton Kurti-2328

  • This Red Chikankari Long Straight Cotton Kurti a beautifully designed plain cotton straight round neck women’s Kurti. You will look flawless in it. This cotton Kurti will keep you comfortable all day long. Leggings in a contrasting color will look good with the Kurti. This piece is made from cotton, so it is pretty pleased.
  • SKU of Lucknowi Kurti: 2328
  • Style: Straight
  • Color of Chikankari Kurti: Red
  • Length of Chikan Kurti: 44 inch
  • Sleeves: Three-quarter sleeves, ¾ sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Thread: Cotton thread
  • Embroidery: Bakhiya
  • Neck: Round Neck
  • Silhouette: Chikankari Kurti provides a comfortable and relaxed silhouette
  • Touch & Feel: Soft and comfortable Chikankari Kurti



   Ethnava Red Chikankari Long Straight Cotton Kurti-2328

Our craftsmen are dedicated, imaginative, and detail-oriented, taking care to understand every detail. They exhibit the fine artistry, ‘Nazakat,’ and rich color palette of Lucknowi Chikan embroidery thanks to their colors vivacity. We no longer have to wear a mundane uniform to work. Nowadays. Most of the offices have relaxed clothing policies so that you can dress fashionably to the highest standards. Straight-long Kurtis is the best choice for tall women. You look even more attractive when you wear a Kurti like this, which emphasizes your body shape. A beaded necklace and a Kurti will look expensive if you put them together. You will look appropriate and stylish if you wear the right combination without looking over or under-dressed. 

Kurtis with long straight sleeves is the hottest fashion trend these days. The Kurti has the advantage of being a versatile garment that can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. No matter where you’re headed, you’ll always be comfortable wearing your Kurtis. Kurtis is an effortless option, and they can be worn with leggings or jeans. A wide variety of straight Kurtis can be found on Ethnava, your favorite shopping site. Cotton threads are used to create a floral pattern and motifs on the neck and body of this Chikan Kari kurta. The Chikan Kurti neckline was embellished, with delicate chikankari stitches were used. A chikan Kurti is decorated with self-designed motifs or “boota” to showcase chikankari at its best. The ChikanKari Kurti looks beautiful when matched with embroidered bottoms like palazzos. Make this Lucknow chikankari kurta stand out with oxidized jewelry and traditional dupattas.

You can make your outfit appear more dressy by pairing your Kurti with palazzos. This combination would benefit from pastel colors such as pale pink, white, cream, or beige. The other option is to wear a straight-cut Kurta with a floral print. The weather does not determine when you can wear floral prints, so you can wear them whenever you want. Our ethnic wear offers the latest trends in Lucknowi Chikankari with a modern twist. This exquisite series of Old Lucknow pieces showcase chikan embroidery, the art form’s birthplace. Handwoven by expert craftsmen, these designs are precise and perfect. Red cotton chikan Kurti hand-embroidered with delicate work by Ethnava. A beautiful floral and geometric pattern has been woven into this ethnic chikan Kari Kurti using white cotton threads. The neckline of the Kurti is stitched with a bakhiya stitch, a prominent chikan stitch.

Wouldn’t you be the center of attention if you wore a beautiful chikan kurta? You can achieve this with the Chikan kurta. A Chikan kurta is versatile enough to be worn to work or school while also appropriate for any occasion. Whether you like it or not, you cannot resist the style and appeal of this Chikankari Kurta. Whether you’re at the office or studying, this beautiful Kurti is just right. Your summer will be vibrant due to the colors and fabrics you choose. The Kurti you’ll wear this summer is going to be one of your favorites. A chikan Kurti like this one has many motifs that make it look beautiful. We created these motifs using the creative imaginations and creative abilities of our artisans.


                                       Add on to Lucknow Kurti

For a head-turning look, combine this elegant and graceful chikan Kurti with matching embroidered palazzos. Complete the look of this lucknowi kurta with traditional dupattas and oxidized jewelry.

                                                             Chikankari Trivia

The Chikankari patterns follow the typical Awadhi design that can also be found in Henna applied on the delicate palms of the fair maidens of Awadh, and on the ‘raushandan’ built out of stone-carvings on walls. Flowers, creepers, ferns, ‘Boota’, and ‘Kairi’, among other motifs, which are close to the art and architecture of Awadh. Chikankari is an ancient form of white floral embroidery, intricately worked with needle and raw thread on a variety of fabrics like cotton, muslin, silk, organza etc. The word ‘Chikan’ has been derived from Persian language which was the court language of India introduced by the Mughals.

Chikan Kurta Also Known : Kurta, Kurti, Noori, Top, Tunic, Boho, Dress

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Disclaimer: Our products are hand embroidered by expert artisans and may have slight dissimilarities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. These minor variations of Stitches/Motifs add to its charm and ensure you have a unique product.



Dimensions 46 cm


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