Shopping in Lucknow’s top markets in 2021

Shopping in Lucknow’s top markets in 2021

A city that has been called ‘City of Nawabs’ and ‘City of Tehzeeb’, Lucknow is one of the most historic cities in India. From 1775 onward, Lucknow steadily gained fame and influence when Asaf-ud-Daula, the fourth Sultan of Awadh (pronounced Oudh), shifted his capital from nearby Faizabad to Lucknow. In 1857, the British seized control of the city from the Awadh rulers. Hazratganj was developed as a commercial street inspired by London, with streets similar to those in the center of the town. Several Victorian-style buildings survive today as silent reminders of a glorious time. A major cultural and business hub, Lucknow is the city with the most vibrancy in Uttar Pradesh. We have a variety of shopping hubs to choose from in the city, along with the mouth-watering biryani! Authentic Lucknowi items are number one on the list of items to shop for.  Although centuries have passed since the Nawabs ruled, the delicate embroidery that they created with chikan (as it is known in India), the handicrafts, exquisite jewelry, and ittar they left behind still survive today.

Lucknow markets are filled with items adorned with Zardosi embroidery and chikan, and visitors flock there for clothing with these traditional decorations. These traditional items have been available for generations in various markets across Lucknow. The commercial world of today has become more marketing-driven, and one can now purchase almost any item of choice. In Lucknow markets, you can still find vintage charm in places that have retained the tradition. There is an incredible feeling of shopping amidst a charming background of history, tradition, and culture when you walk along the narrow streets of the markets, some of which are dark even during the day. Many important markets can be visited in a historical city like Lucknow. In this article, we highlight some of the popular and historically significant ones.

1. Aminabad

In Lucknow, Aminabad bazaar, or Aminabad market, is one of the oldest markets. Around the 1840s, Aminabad first experienced commercial development when, under Nawab Amjad Ali Shah (the ruler of Awadh), Imad Hussain Khan Aminuddaulah began to develop the area. Having surrounded the area with four gates, he made it more secure. Although the giant gates no longer exist, a mosque that was once a part of it can still be seen today (known as the Kaalan Phatak Masjid). Aminabad was a place for unmatched fashion and handcrafted items during the time of the Nawabs as well as during the British rule.

You’ll be overwhelmed by the number of shops selling chikan clothing, jewellery, footwear, ornaments, and so on in the market. There are embroidery workers who supply their craft to certain shops for generations in this market, and most of the items sold in this market are local. In the true tradition of Lucknow, both seller and buyer happily engage in polite bargaining!

You will be transported back in time with this market, which features narrow lanes and ancient buildings with Mughal and British influences (many of them dilapidated).There are many street food-chats, saree and wedding accessories to see here along with kebabs and Chikan clothing. On Thursdays, the market remains closed.

2. Hazratganj

Nawab Amjad Ali Shah, better known as Hazrat, was the founder of Hazratganj and it got its name in 1842. The market area nowadays blends traditional Mughal structures with modern glass towers, resembling Victorian architecture from the British era, as well as ancient buildings and a variety of walkways. Although many of the products sold here are the same as those in Aminabad and other Lucknow markets, the shops here are more expensive and offer more varieties. The exquisite decorations of high-profile jewelry shops entice you to enter.There are many handicrafts and handcrafted products on the market, as well as computer products.

Handmade footwear (Slippers, Jootis) is available at many shops, complementing ethnic wear just across the street. A popular destination in the city for tourists and other visitors, the Hazratganj market is located in the center of the city. This is where many state government emporiums can be found. There is little bargaining here, therefore reducing the buyer’s chances of getting fleeced. Most trades here are fixed prices, so there is little room for misrepresentation.There are multiple multinational food chain restaurants in this area, including McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Subway. The presence of many hotels at Hazratganj makes the area more appealing to travelers. Check out handmade clothing, khadi products, embroidered sarees, ornaments and chikankari, and fast-food stalls.

On Sundays, the Hazratganj market is closed. Another popular market is Janpath, which is an extension of Hazratganj. The prices here are lower than those in Hazratganj. Perhaps you can negotiate a fair price! There are many leather items, chikan showrooms, ethnic wear, and woolen perfumes to be found at Janpath, just as in other markets.

3. Nakhas Market

Another heritage market in Lucknow is the 200-year-old Nakhas market. Many local shops have been operated successfully for generations by family members. There are handmade wooden objects, paintings, and furniture available at this market. Birds and pets can be found in several pet shops, creating a wider selection. On Sundays, there is a special section selling second-hand goods that are very popular with the locals.You should look for wooden handicrafts, jewelry, paintings (also miniatures), and authentic local food like biryani, kebab, and paan.

4. Chowk

There are several markets in the city with heritage status, including the Chowk market, where you can find jewelry and makeup accessories, including semi-precious stones jewelry. Other attractions include its perfume shops (Ittar), footwear, and handcrafted items, such as lampshades and decorations.Traditional local food in Chowk includes kebabs, biryanis, and koftas. Due to its proximity to the Bara Imambara, an important sightseeing attraction in the city, Chowk is frequented by tourists. Jewelry, accessories, handcrafted items, local foods are what you will find. On Thursdays, this market is closed.

Lucknow’s culture is reflected in its Chikankari, which dates back to the historical era.  There are few forms of intricate work as beautiful as hand embroidery. Chicken embroidery has captured the attention of the public due to its age-old tradition and celebrity designer appeal.  Immersed in its delicate beauty and soothing panorama, you can witness the art of creativity.  Areas with a larger population, from Lucknow to other parts of the world, are flourishing with a high level of quality and ethnic sensibility.

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5. Bhootnath Market

In the locality, there is a Shiva temple (Bhootnath) that gives this name. The market is primarily known for spices, fresh produce, kitchen utensils, and household items, and its frequented by locals every morning for a variety of daily necessities. There are all types of commodities available here, just like every other market. The area is also known for its traditional food stalls. In the market, you’ll find kitchen tools, spices, fresh vegetables, household supplies, and food products.

6. Alambagh market

A famous spot where you can find shops that sell gold-plated jewelry and fashion accessories. Fruits and vegetables, as well as groceries, make up part of the market. The well-planned market is arranged with systematically arranged shops. Many sweet shops are also located here.  You can look for: Jewellery, fashion accessories, grocery stores, sweet shops.

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